Light it up… 

Lighting is one of the key things to think about when decorating a room, whether it's to light up the room fully, create ambience or to show off a feature wall, it's important to get it right! Here at Ciclic we LOVE everything to do with lighting - lamps, shades and those funky Edison light bulbs. … Continue reading Light it up… 

Make your kitchen retro. 

Chances are if you're following this blog you'll appreciate the good old days, and love retro design. We always have vintage retro kitchenalia in stock, here's just a few keys bits to add to your home. The trusty timer. Yes, we all have a stopwatch on our iPhones these days but they're just not as … Continue reading Make your kitchen retro. 

Retro Vibes

School desks, and stage lights are bang on fashion at the moment. And we have both! We're so in love with this beautiful vintage theatre lamp, plus its a steal at just £175!! -Emerald

Top Secret

You may not already know but we have one of the only cellars in Swaffham to be open to the general public. It's our favourite space in the shop, we promise its the worth the trek down the stairs to find out what weird and wonderful items we have. The walls are always full of … Continue reading Top Secret

Prehistoric Swaffham

Check our awesome collection of prehistoric sculptors, made locally in Norfolk by Tony Pusey. Its certainly not the first time Swaffhams been accused of being full of Dinosaurs 😉 *All sold now except this little chap. To find out more about how to purchase, feel free to send us a message or call on 07534 … Continue reading Prehistoric Swaffham