Retro Coffee Tables

With the right decor, a coffee table can be a key design element in your home. We've got several unusual and gorgeous coffee tables, just waiting to be placed into a new home. Heres a few of my current favourite, however we do have lots more in store. This beautiful retro table with gold legs has … Continue reading Retro Coffee Tables

Got your number..

With the vintage retro trend still going full force into 2017, it really is time to get your home fully kitted out with retro hints. Personally I think mixing old and new works best. A great way of doing this is with a retro home phone. I know, I know, home phones are retro in … Continue reading Got your number..

Announcements and Antique Furniture.

First things first, today we announced on social media that we will begin to close on Mondays from April 3rd. This should enable us to bring you quality content and make Ciclic an even better store. Which leads me to this question - What do you look for in a blog? What would you like to … Continue reading Announcements and Antique Furniture.

Window Display – The Office.

Each week at Ciclic we aim to change our window display. And we've become rather famous for our displays over the last couple of years. From now on I'll be posting some highlights from each window and the thought process behind them. This week our main feature is a beautiful Old Charm desk with classic … Continue reading Window Display – The Office.

G Plan … 

It's Monday morning which normally means new stock. Today is certainly no exception we have got some fantastic new items in the shop today. First things first we have to talk about this G Plan butterfly chair. It's just SO comfortable, and screams retro style. It's in fab condition and has the trusty G Plan … Continue reading G Plan … 

Mirror mirror on the wall… 

Discover our large collection of mirrors here at Ciclic and find out why they're so important to interior design. The statement mirror. Mirrors like this are fantastic for creating a dramatic focal point in a room which you can then build your scheme around. This large fairytale style gold framed mirror is perfect for doing … Continue reading Mirror mirror on the wall… 

North Norfolk News – 1979

Vintage local newspapers are super interesting and make fab birthday or anniversary presents for reminiscing about a specific date. We even found our uncle pictured as a teenager in one of the papers, its since gone home to embarrass him. The Crown a haunt we're familiar with for a late night in Sheringham listening to a … Continue reading North Norfolk News – 1979