Sandringham House Norwich Gate; Thomas Jeyckl Cast Iron Plaque

We’re excited to show you something incredibly rare and unusual. After many months of investigation, and talks with experts we’re happy to show you this iron cast of a plaque from Sandringham House – Norwich Gate also known as the Dianna Gate gates originally gifted  to the Prince of Wales after The Great Exhibition of 1851.



This Thomas Jeyckl Cast Iron Plaque, displaying heraldic symbols representing Gt Yarmouth, Norwich, Kings Lynn and Thetford  around the edge with the central symbol being a combination of the prince’s own symbol and the norwich heraldic crest.

This plaque was, I believe, was used initially as a proof, then as the mould for the plaques currently on display on the gates. Clearly it was painted in the colours which I would imagine the ones on the gates may have originally been painted, but many years of maintenance have resulted in them being black as the rest of the gates now also are. Also, this plaque has a much greater level of detail than those on the gates due to their repeated painting over the years.


We took our plaque to Sandringham to for pictures next to the gate, and as you can see its a true match. After speaking to Clarence House, they have verified its authenticity.


It is for sale so if you’re interested in this incredible plaque, feel free to send us a message – serious enquiries only please.



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