Retro Coffee Tables

With the right decor, a coffee table can be a key design element in your home. We’ve got several unusual and gorgeous coffee tables, just waiting to be placed into a new home. Heres a few of my current favourite, however we do have lots more in store.

This beautiful retro table with gold legs has a very handy magazine rack underneath it. Perfect for placing your latest Elle Decoration or Hunger Magazine. Or better still a few decorative presentation books. The table top is just to lovely to cover in anything else.

This Burma Star Assoc table is fantastic, the wood inlay is naive but well crafted, measuring 92x42cm its the perfect size for use in a living room as a coffee table. We’ve styled it with vintage United Kingdom flags and used shell cases, which could be used as vases for single flowers.


This retro tiled coffee table is again perfect size for a small living room. Doesn’t it look great with this contrasting copper plant pot. (we have two of these tables – one mostly blue and green and one pink and grey one.  See below \/ )


Now you’ve got the coffee table sorted, its time to find yourself some lovely coffee table books click here for some inspiration.


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