Got your number..

With the vintage retro trend still going full force into 2017, it really is time to get your home fully kitted out with retro hints. Personally I think mixing old and new works best. A great way of doing this is with a retro home phone.


I know, I know, home phones are retro in themselves; I mean who needs a landline when we all have mobiles. But then who would the PPI insurance company’s have to call if we didn’t have a landline for them to harass us with, whilst we’re eating dinner and watching Coronation Street.

Now to the complicated bit. Vintage phones don’t work with the new digital age, and will therefore need converting.  Also bear in mind your provider needs to still support pulse dialling for any conversion to work. So check this out before spending any of your hard earned cash.

I’d also like to point that I’m no expert and certainly no electrician so please seek professional advise if you do decide to go ahead with this project. Alternatively ask someone very clever if they would like to help you out in return for a pint……


Heres some helpful links to support your new project:



If all else fails, continue to use your mobile and pop one of these gorgeous pieces of history on the shelf to admire as a pretty cool ornament.



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