Announcements and Antique Furniture.

First things first, today we announced on social media that we will begin to close on Mondays from April 3rd. This should enable us to bring you quality content and make Ciclic an even better store.

Which leads me to this question – What do you look for in a blog? What would you like to hear more about from us? Leave a comment in the section below – start a discussion. We would love to hear from you.

– Now moving on, we just have to talk about this beautiful ‘Gamblers chair’ with green velvet seat (which of course can always be reupholstered if you prefer), its surprisingly comfortable and makes you feel like a boss sitting it in. And for just £115, I think thats got to be a bargain of the day.

I was rearranging the shop yesterday and found the perfect corner to display it. Teamed up with the fabulous 1930’s french lamp. £245  And lovely sunburst vintage guitar (£225), I think this little corner is looking lovely and fresh now.

Despite all being from different eras they look great sitting together.


Heres some close ups. \/ \/ \/

1930’s French Lamp
Gamblers Chair 

If you like what you see send us a message on here or on any of our social media outlets, or of course give us a call/ text on 07534 402336.


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