Window Display – The Office.

Each week at Ciclic we aim to change our window display. And we’ve become rather famous for our displays over the last couple of years. From now on I’ll be posting some highlights from each window and the thought process behind them.

This week our main feature is a beautiful Old Charm desk with classic green leather top. Its around this timeless piece of furniture that we’ve built an Office style window.

*I stupidly didn’t take any good pictures of the desk before we put it in the window, you’ll just have to come and witness it in real life*

A good office desk is not complete without a lamp, this brass shell bankers lamp is just the ticket. Looks fantastic and gives me Little Mermaid vibes.

Industrial ceiling pendant lamp, this is ideal for a shop. But looks just fab as a prop in our window right now. Measures a huge 104cm from the ceiling it’s a fantastic statement piece.

Check out some other bits and pieces we currently have on show…..

We hope you like it, feel free to pop in let us know what you think.


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