G Plan … 

It’s Monday morning which normally means new stock. Today is certainly no exception we have got some fantastic new items in the shop today.

First things first we have to talk about this G Plan butterfly chair. It’s just SO comfortable, and screams retro style. It’s in fab condition and has the trusty G Plan stamp on the base of the seat. We’ve just got the single chair, so its ideal for an office or bedroom chair.

Moving onto the light, it’s just so cool. It’s everything you could want from a retro lamp. The colour, the base, the caged light.

If you’re interested in the print it’s a Henri Matisse – Blue Nude signed H Matisse 52

The surveyors measure doesn’t just look cool with the black and red type on it, I think its ideal for using as a decorative prop in an office or design studio.

Plus I’ve seen some pretty adventurous stuff created using up cycled measuring sticks, the best I’ve seen was a standard lamp using the stick as the lamps pole (just search Pinterest I’m sure you’ll find it.)




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