Mirror mirror on the wall… 

Discover our large collection of mirrors here at Ciclic and find out why they’re so important to interior design.

The statement mirror. Mirrors like this are fantastic for creating a dramatic focal point in a room which you can then build your scheme around. This large fairytale style gold framed mirror is perfect for doing just that. – (£65)

Again statement pieces don’t have to be huge, this smaller mirror creates the same illusion but works brilliantly in a small room. (£35)

The art piece. Mirrored artwork works wonders not only does it look amazing but it bounces light around in the room. This map of the world is a particular favourite of mine. (£45)

This Award of Excellence, awarded to CMSGT Winnie Mihill for his loyalty and friendship on the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing. Is a beautiful piece of art work with American etchings on the frame. Its not only a piece of history but a lovely mirror. (£25)

The focal point mirror. Porthole mirrors with concave glass are great for bouncing light around the room, and look super funky whilst doing so. Top tip they’re great for children’s rooms to create an amazing boat bedroom. (£35)

The vintage retro mirror. With 1950 – 70’s being so in vogue at the moment, these two plastic mirrors are perfect for any room. I particularly love the blue one as it can be hung straight as a square or diagonally. (White mirror – £15, Blue mirror – £25)

Still retro but a completely different style. Scandinavian teak mirrors are everywhere at the moment – just check out Instagram or Pinterest. Nordic interior design is the way to go in 2017 and we love it! Just check out this article Elle and The New Yorker did on Hygge and how you can be more Danish! (£35)


The compact mirror. Alternatively if all else fails, stick one of these in your handbag. 😉


*All mirrors pictures are for sale at point of publication, please send us a message or call us if you’re interested.*


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