Light it up… 

Lighting is one of the key things to think about when decorating a room, whether it’s to light up the room fully, create ambience or to show off a feature wall, it’s important to get it right!

Here at Ciclic we LOVE everything to do with lighting – lamps, shades and those funky Edison light bulbs. So naturally we always have a huge range to choose from.

Check out just a few lamps and shades we have currently for sale….

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This super funky orange oil lamp is perfect for creating a vintage ambience, and is also ideal for when Storm Doris(& her friends) hit and leave us with no power. Alternatively they’re fairly easy to convert if you’re a dab hand with electrics, or know a responsible and qualified electrician. If you’re not interested in DIY then this colourful West German lamp with exposed globe bulb creates a gorgeous light and is just as lovely.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful greeny blue star lampshade, you’re guaranteed to get lots of comments when you have this lamp switched on in a room, you just can’t not love it. Ideal in a bedroom or nursery.

Arguably my favourite lamp in the shop right now, and I’m currently trying to resist the urge to take it home. A proper vintage theatre lamp on a tripod for just £175. They are so on trend right now, and a lot cheaper than some of the new replicas out there in retail outlets like this one from Jarrold’s

This vintage retro fabric lampshades create gorgeous muted light, and when switched on really comes alive, the light pink one great as it lets just enough light escape to light the room but not too much to create harsh tones – perfect for the bedroom.

Upcycling old vintage lamps is another ideal way to create super unusual lamps for indoors or outdoors. Just check out pinterest for tonnes of inspiration on how to recreate funky retro lighting. Personally I think this Greenham Railway Lamp would look great converted as a patio lamp, and used when having a late night BBQ in the summer (Bring on the summer!)

and if you’re just looking for something practical then we’ve got tonnes of desk lamps this 1970’s one is particularly cool, and makes your office space look Instagram ready.

* All items pictured above are for sale, just message us or give us a call if you’re interested if any of them. Aside from that we always have new stock just keep an eye on our social feeds for regular updates*

– Emerald

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