Make your kitchen retro. 

Chances are if you’re following this blog you’ll appreciate the good old days, and love retro design.

We always have vintage retro kitchenalia in stock, here’s just a few keys bits to add to your home.

The trusty timer. Yes, we all have a stopwatch on our iPhones these days but they’re just not as pretty as the old vintage timers. This red and white smiths timer is exactly the kind of thing that completes your kitchen.

Retro containers, I particularly love this 1950’s flour font. This is the ideal gift for a keen home pizza lover.

Massive mixing bowls (& and small ) these are timeless classic kitchen staples. Both of these are real antique white and cane mixing bowls, no replicas in this photo.  Even if you’re not a keen baker these look fantastic being used or just displayed.

Vintage cookbooks and pretty crockery make you look like a seasoned pro in the kitchen, we’ve always got plenty of both to choose from.


COPPER!!! Everything copper is beautiful (in my opinion) Its time to follow the trend, ditch the stainless steel pots and pan and switch to Copper. Mixing brand new and vintage is the perfect way to kit out your kitchen, why not try John Lewis to complete the set.

**** everything in this blog post in for sale – please feel free to message or call regarding anything you’ve seen here. We’re sorry if anything sells before you get the chance to buy, there’s always next time. ****



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